Tackle built on tradition

With a family history in the Great Lakes going back generations, my father began his journey learning to fish the piers from his grandfather. Back then, cane poles and minnows was the hot setup.

Shortly after leaving the service, my father along with my mother purchased their first salmon boat - a 1957 16' Cutter Craft. The gear was basic and the knowledge was even more so, but nonetheless, a lifelong love of salmon was born.

Several boats and countless hours of trolling later, I came along. From my earliest memories, summers were spent on the deck of a salmon boat. If we could get out, we were fishing. My father taught me the way he was taught - through trial and error. Even if he knew that what I was doing wouldn't work, he let me go through with it and learn the hard way. It is that way of teaching that has lead us to where we are today.

Back in 2001, we heard of this technique called 'meat-rigging'. Curious, we set out to learn all we could and try it ourselves. While in the beginning the learning curve was steep, we experienced enough success to realize it's potential. Within 2 years, we began centering our spread around meat. As we learned, our results improved.

Since then we've experimented, documented, and developed a system to incorporate meat into any spread at any time. From a tackle standpoint, we've developed a patented head that takes the hassle and guesswork out of running meat. All that's left for you is to put the bait in and go...and prepare for full coolers...